Entrance to Central Virginia Regional Jail

Account Deposits

Inmate Account Deposits

CVRJ has an ATM in the front lobby. It accepts Credit, Debit, and Cash transactions. You may also send funds to an inmate online at:


Types of Deposits

The following types of deposits below must be mailed to the facility directly. They cannot be brought in. After July 1st, 2017 they will no longer be accepted. However, the facilities ATM/Online services will still be available for use.

  • What is a U.S. Postal Money Order?

    Can be purchased at any Post Office location. You can send up to $1,000 to destinations within the Unites States. Pay for your money order with cash, debit card, or traveler's checks. There is a small fee for each money order that you send.

  • What is a Cashiers Check?

    Cashier's check or "cashier's cheque, banker's cheque, bank cheque, official cheque, teller's cheque, banker's draft or treasurer's cheque" is a check guaranteed by a bank, drawn on the bank's own funds and signed by a cashier.

  • What is a Certified Check?

    With a certified check, the bank or institution certifies that the signature is genuine and that the monies are in the account to cover the check at the time it was written. The bank then sets aside the full amount of the check to guarantee the funds will be available when the check is cashed or deposited.

Mailing Address

  • (Inmate's Name)
  • Central Virginia Regional Jail
  • 13021 James Madison Highway
  • Orange, Virginia 22960