Central Virginia Regional Jail
13021 James Madison Highway
Orange, Virginia 22960
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Jail Authority
Public Notice
The Jail is currently undergoing its 3rd expansion. The expansion is expected to be completed in 2016 and will provide the Jail with an additional 200 beds. The expansion will primary be utilized for individuals seeking reentry into their communities or for those wishing to continue work or gain employment while being incarcerated .
If you know of somebody who is currently being held at our facility and would like to visit them you can visit the Services page for more information. Visitation times are determined by which housing area they are located in.
There will be several open positions available when the expansion of our facility is complete. If you are interested or know of someone who is interested in starting a career here at CVRJ, please contact 1st Lt. Jamie Akers or visit the employment page for more information
The Central Virginia Regional Jail is situated in the Town of Orange, Virginia. This facility serves the Counties of Fluvanna, Greene, Louisa, Madison and Orange, respectively. The jail became operational on September 1, 1990 and had a design capacity of 96 and an original staff of 50. The cost of construction and equipment was approximately $5.0 (five) million.

Although the initial design incorporated a "popular remote" type of supervision over the inmates, the jail added a 50 bed dormitory, and 2 (two) classrooms in 1995 at a cost of approximately $1 (one) million, but at no local cost. In 1999 the jail added 101 more beds, an infirmary, an inside recreation hall, more visitation space, a new laundry, a larger vehicular sally port, along with other ancillary spaces at a cost of approximately $5.5 (5ive point five) million, but at no local cost. The jail currently has a staff of 87 and houses approximately 400 local, state and federal prisoners.

Sterling C. Proffitt was hired as the the jails first superintendent effective 2-1-90 and remained in that position until his retirement on June 1, 2001. Edward L. Crosley, Jr. became the second superintendent on June 1, 2001 and remained in that position until his retirement on October 1, 2003. Floyd G. Aylor became the jails third superintendent on October 1, 2003 and retired on May 31, 2015. Frank E. Dyer III would be become the jails 4th Superintendent. Superintendents Crosley, Aylor, and Dyer were all promoted from within the organization of the Central Virginia Regional Jail.

Although the original Jail Board was comprised of 2 (two) members from each of the participating localities, a total of 10, just prior to the jail opening the Board reduced itself to 5 (five). During June of 1991, a sheriff was added to comply with a Code change, so the Jail Board numbered a total of 6 (six). However, effective 7-1-98, and per another Code revision mandating that each sheriff of a participating locality of a regional jail shall be on the board or authority, the board member increased to 10 (ten). However, the five participating Counties also agree to name one "At-Large" member which would be rotated on a year-to-year basis amongst them, thereby increasing the membership to 11 (eleven).

The jail received a 100% rating on its initial DOC Audit within its first 12 months of operation in June, 1991 and also the subsequent "three year audit during" June, 1994 and also received 100% rating with the newly introduced "unannounced " inspection in June 1996. The jail has maintained a rating of 100% on all subsequence "three year audits" and "unannounced inspections" since June 1996. In addition, during 1995 the jail was certified by the national institute of Corrections for its Objective Jail Classification Program as pertains to the criterion utilized on how inmates are placed in various custody levels.

The Central Virginia Regional Jail is proud to be included in the Virginia Association of Regional Jails, an organization comprised of 22 regional jail and hundreds of staff and we look forward to meeting the many challenges of the future with our colleagues in our combined efforts to provide the best possible public safety services to our citizens.
Jail Authority Meetings
Frank E. Dyer III
The Central Virginia Regional Jail Authority conducts it routine monthly meeting on the second Thursday of every month. This meeting is open to the public and held at 6:00 p.m. in the conference room located near the administration area of the Central Virginia Regional Jail. Anyone wishing to inquire as to the topics on the agenda may do so by contacting the Jail Superintendent at 540-672-3222.
Currently accepting applications for multiple positions. For more information contact 1st Lt. Akers at (540) 672-3222.
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It is the mission of the Central Virginia Regional Jail to provide secure supervision of the persons entrusted to the care of the facility, to meet their basic human needs, and to provide resources that will promote positive institutional adjustment and personal growth.
Our Mission:
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13021 James Madison Highway, Orange, Virginia 22960
Email: cvrj@cvrj.org