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Effective August 15, 2017, the following policy and procedure will be in place for inmate mail and correspondence. Incoming mail shall be processed
as follows:

  1. ) All mail, except Legal Mail, shall be opened
  2.  by the Designated Mail Clerk prior to delivery
to the inmate. (6VAC15-40-640), (28 CFR 540.12)

  1. ) Photocopies will be made of all letters
and photographs received at the Central
Virginia Regional Jail. Only the copies of
received mail will be issued to the inmate.
Mailings shall not exceed a maximum
of 8 x 11 photocopy pages front and
 back 3 pages each and will be delivered
 to the inmate. The original envelope and
 all enclosed contents will be shredded
 by the Facility Mailroom once they
 are photocopied.

Posted July 14, 2017
Example of Envelope:

Sender's Name
Sender's Full Address

                          Inmate's Block _____
                          C/O Central Virginia Regional Jail
                          13021 James Madison Highway
                          Orange, Virginia 22960

  1. Mail will be delivered within 24 hour
s after it is received with the exception of
Sundays, and Holidays. Mail if any, received
on these days will be delivered the next
normal business day.

  1. The Jail is not responsible for mail the
  2.  sender says was mailed and not received,
     nor for mail that was damaged or lost
by the Post Office. The sender of the mail
 is responsible for tracing any mail that
 was not received, damaged or lost.

  1. All cash received in the mail will be
returned to sender.
Inmate Mail