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Money Deposits
Non-Official Visits (Inmate Visitation)

- Visits are non-contact.
- Visiting Hours are daily Monday through
- Times vary depending on the cell block
- Visits are limited to thirty (30) minutes
- You must be on the Inmate’s visitor list
- For visiting times view the visitation
schedule below.

Video Visitation

The same guidelines apply for video

Video Visitation is available in for housing
areas: L, M, N, and O. For more information
view the visitation schedule Below or
contact the facility directly for more

Official Visitation

Attorneys, clergy, probation and parole officers,
bona fide social workers, members of recognized
community service agencies, members of the
medical profession, and police officers will be
allowed to visit with prior approval during
the following times:

- 8:00 am to 11:00 am
- 1:00 pm to 4:00 pm
- 7:00 pm – 9:00 pm

No food or drinks are allowed in the visitation area,
includin baby bottles, sippy cups or any container
containing fluid.

All Visitors must be on the Inmate's visitor list or
you will not be allowed to visit.
There are no exceptions.

All visitors must register fifteen (15) minutes
prior to the start of visitation, and must show
a valid Picture ID at the time of registration.

All personal belongings (i.e., Handbags,
Cell Phones, Baby Carriers, Strollers, Cigarettes,
 Lighters, Pocket Knives, and Metallic Items) are
to remain in your vehicle. The Central Virginia
Regional Jail is not responsible for any property
left in the lobby during visitation.

Wallets that can fit in the palm of your hand or
that can be placed in a pocket are allowed in the
 visitation area. Any wallets that are connected to
 a chain, the chain must be removed and left in
your vehicle. Keys will be left with the Visitation

Only three (3) adult visitors are allowed to visit
an Inmate. Everyone must be present together
and will go back together for the visit as a single
group. Children under the age of eighteen (18)
can visit if accompanied by an adult visitor that
is on the Inmate's Visitor List.

-----------------------DRESS CODE------------------------------

All visitors must be properly dressed as deemed
appropriate by the visitation officer on duty.
The following dress code WILL NOT be allowed:

 All See-Through Clothing: Definition of see-through
 clothing is any piece of clothing that is very thin and
you can see other clothes or the body under it.
View visit times here
Schedule a video visit
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